Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where did this come from?

To my husband, this all must have been a shock.  He has spanked me before, in jest, and it always did turn me on a little, but it was nothing special.  Awhile back, we were playing some erotic game and I was required to pull down my pants and panties, lay over his lap, and have him spank me.  He did it, and I was getting surprisingly turned on.  When I got up, he was rock hard.  That, of course, made me even more excited, and well, we had great sex.

That has been in the back of my mind now for awhile, and very recently I was bored and started googling spanking, BDSM, etc.  I found the Taken in Hand website, and became fascinated with what I was reading.  And, not fascinated in a, "Holy crap, look at what these crazy people are doing" way.  Fascinated in a "I'm getting wet thinking about this stuff....What the hell" way.

The more I read, the more turned on I got.  I started emailing my husband particularly good (informative) articles and telling him I may want to try this.  He wasn't sure if I wanted it to be just a sex thing, or an all the time thing.  I really am not sure.  I am intrigued by the idea of it being an all the time thing.  I mean, I feel like the stupid little fights we have could be nipped in the bud, and because it does turn me on, it would be a bonus that we could have hot sex.

I am a firm believer in the thought that everything doesn't have to work the same for everyone, and I am telling myself I don't have to get it "right" or "perfect."  If someone on the internet says DD or TIH should only be non sexual and I find it makes me incredibly horny - who the hell cares? It isn't their life, it's mine, and my husband and I are the ones who are living it. So, we have agreed to keep reading, learning, researching, and talking about it.  We will do what we like and leave the rest.

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