Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our first steps in the journey

So far, we have done a lot of reading and talking.  We also have a long commute (usually together) so we have been searching out podcasts that we can listen to together on our way home.  It will be a nice way to get out of work mode and into home mode.

The first night I asked him to spank me and take control, he did, but maybe not as forcefully I was hoping.  He was definitely dipping his toe in the shallow end, while I am ready to dive in lock stock and barrel.  He did spank me though, and the next night he even used his belt on me, which completely made me wild.

Yesterday I came home from work and I was exhausted (he had woken me up that morning at 3 AM for sex because I told him he could take me whenever and wherever and I wouldn't refuse).  We ended up staying up talking and cuddling after, so I never really went back to sleep before work.  I need a lot of sleep or I get really cranky. So, anyway, I was really tired and one of the kids did something that made me really angry.  I tend to yell when I am mad, and get really bitchy.  My husband hates that.  He came upstairs and asked why I was yelling like that.  I stopped.  I felt completely embarrassed for behaving like that.  A little while later he smiled at me and I told him he could punish me for my behavior if he wanted.

The kids left with their grandfather to go get dinner, and he told me to go into our room and sit there for 5 minutes with nothing to entertain me and think about what I did.  I did it.  And, it sort of helped. I was calmer, more rational, and I felt like he took control of the situation.  I came out and told him he could also spank me if he wanted.....

He did.  With his belt.  It was so fucking hot.  He wouldn't stop until I told him he could keep going as long as he wanted.  When he did stop, he slid his finger in me and laughed at how wet I was.  He played rough with me and I had two incredibly hard orgasms - once while I was sucking his cock and he was fingering me and once after he came in me.  We have not had this much sex (every day for the last week) in years.

I have made it clear that I would wear sexy underwear whenever he told me to (I had sort-of fallen into that granny panty place after 16 years and two kids).  I just went out and bought a whole mess of sexy things, as well as some really pretty "normal" jammies.  I have also fallen into a rut of wearing shorts and ratty t-shirts to bed - instead I bought a whole bunch of more modest (but still pretty cute) outfits I wouldn't blush if the kids saw me in to wear at night and lounging time. I feel better and prettier when I do this, and he takes notice.  He also told me one night not to wear panties in bed, and that was a huge turn on as well.

We made a couple of sex toy purchases that should be here in a few days - one was a sportsheet set with a bunch of hooks and cuffs.  We also bought some nipple weights and a leather paddle.  He also requested one of those vibrators that you can put in your panties that has a remote control for when we are out. I can't wait for them to arrive!


  1. Hi LW, and welcome to our community! You're beginning what I believe will be a wonderful journey. Even if you don't end up quite where you plan today, the sheer thrill of discovering it together can be a life changing experience.

    I wish you the very best with your new lifestyle and your new blog! If I may be of assistance, you need only ask.


    1. Thanks so much Bonnie! I am very excited about this new (to me) community!